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At Exact Macola we believe in focusing on what’s next and never settling for the status quo. Last year’s theme was Dare to Do! and we challenged every attendee to do something to make an impact on his or her business. This year we’re challenging you to find your fierce ambition! Who motivates or inspires you?

We have put this strategy to work within our own organization. To us, fierce ambition means a passionate desire for success and a relentless quest for improvement. Exact Macola has an unshakeable drive to become a leader in the marketplace by transforming to meet market demand. As a result, we will help you to transform your business by providing exceptional customer service and best-in-class solutions. This year’s conference is dedicated to helping you become a master of your Exact Macola solutions and to motivate you to find your fierce ambition.

This is the singular event where you can learn about the direction and strategy of our solutions and acquire knowledge and training to get the most value from your Exact Macola investment. Join us at Exact Macola Evolve and share your fierce ambition with us!

Breakout Session Tracks

Ignite Your Success Strategies

Ignite Your Success Strategies

Hear directly from other customers why they upgraded to Exact Macola 10. You can choose from sessions that detail the upgrades from Exact Macola Progression or Exact Macola ES. If you’re already running Exact Macola 10, hear from your peers how they’re using workspaces to save time and money, and examples of customizations that have solved difficult business challenges and are helping our customers transform their businesses.

You-Drive-the-Content Roundtable Sessions

You-Drive-the-Content Roundtable

This is an opportunity to cultivate your own growth mindset through an interactive dialog with your peers in a group setting. Based on the topics you suggest, Exact Macola employees along with some of our partners will facilitate these sessions and can dive deep or stay high level depending on the discussion.

Success Driven Strategies for Business Leaders

Success Driven Strategies for Business Leaders

If you are responsible for running operations or managing an organization in today’s ever-changing manufacturing industry, we’ve built this track for you. We’ll discuss key business decision points that can shape the future of your business. You will participate in discussions about the advantages of cloud vs. on-premise, learn how others in similar industries are facing and overcoming challenges, and get the latest information on cyber security threats. Approximately ¼ of our attendees are executives, so you’ll have a great opportunity to network with your peers, discuss the tough challenges they are facing and hear how they rose to the challenge with innovative strategies that you can put to use in your own organization.

Exact Macola 10 Product Sessions

Exact Macola 10 Product

There are a multitude of components built into the core of Exact Macola 10. If you’re not using all of them yet, this is the track for you! We’ll teach you how to become an Exact Macola 10 master by demonstrating the value and specific functionality of components like document management, workflows, CRM, quality management, workspaces, event alerts, and more. You can also find sessions in this track on the Exact Macola 10 product roadmap including what’s new in 10.3 and a preview of what’s coming in 10.4. You can capture the momentum of these new product features and increase the speed and efficiency of your business.


Be sure to attend sessions hosted by our sponsors from the Exact Macola partner community. Their expertise covers a range of topics. Our partners bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table. You won’t want to miss their real world guidance to help you make the most of your Exact Macola investment!